The Mussel and Crab Restaurant, Tuxford

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We recommend that if you are booking a table you need to think what time are you going to arrive and then add half an hour onto your time before you place your order. By the time you get your drinks from the bar and look at the menus in the bar on the bar tables and the numerous blackboards you will need twenty to thirty minutes.

So if you wanted your order taken at 8.00pm you would arrive at 7.30pm look at the menus and placeyour order at 8.00pm and unless  you have ordered something like a soufflé should be shown to your table within ten to fifteen minutes.


Mussel & Crab

Sibthorpe Hill, Tuxford
Nottinghamshire, NG22 0PJ

Please call us to make a booking

Call: 01777 870491
Fax: 01777 872302

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