The Mussel and Crab Restaurant, Tuxford

For reservations call 01777 870491

Mussel Promotion which took place during November 2018

A fantastic range of both Starter and Main course Mussel Dishes, served throughout November 2018, each paired with a recommended Belgian Beer, we've even specially imported a few of them!



Thanks for dropping by to the Mussel and Crab web site - we hope we can give you a taste of what we are all about here at the Mussel and Crab, and tempt you to come along and take a look first-hand... After all, it's one thing looking at our food, but quite another to taste it. If seafood is your thing, then you are in for a treat! But we dont neglect the carnivores and vegetarians either - something for every palette..

Coffee - Our coffee beans are fresh roasted and then ground for each serving.

The Owners

" We are definitely not your 'run of the mill' restaurant" is how Bruce & Allison Elliott-Bateman would sum up the Mussel and Crab, and they would be right. They both have an impressive track record in the hotel and catering industry, and have put their experience to good use bringing more than a hint of originality to the Mussel and Crab.

It has been in their capable hands since 1998.